Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pet Peeves, and more...

These posts are sometimes easy to fill out, and sometimes fun for the blogger, and I hope sometimes interesting for y'all to read... :)
Here are the ABC's of ME!

Age: 24
Bedsize: Queen
Chores I Hate: Folding and hanging clean laundry
Dogs: 2 pups - Mollie (a peka-poo) and Squirt (a beagle mix)
Essential Start to Day: I love me some bold, strong Keurig coffee
Favorite Color: Teal/Turquoise - although any green-or-blue-ish color usually grabs my attention
Gold or Silver: Usually silver, but I really like gold too
Height: 5 whole feet... :)
Instruments I Play: Piano - although not very much anymore
Job Title: Senior Clerk (at the state) & Associate Minister to Students (at my church)
Kids: In the future, yes please! right now I still am a kid for the most part...
Live: The lovely, sunny Florida
Mother's Name: Amy
Nicknames: Halez, Hazel, Habie, Big, Hazelberry, Rene,
Overnight Hospital Stays: Two nights for Giarda when I was 2 yrs. old. (Mama reminded me of this!)
Pet Peeves: Labels facing the "wrong" way (I'm actually quite OCD about a lot of stuff...)
Quote: "Live in the Sunshine, Swim in the Sea, Drink the Wild Air." by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Siblings: Sister, Megan - 21 & Step-Bro, Drew - 19
Time I Wake Up: Around 7am, although I should get up around 6:45am
Underwear: Um, yes? (This is a weird one...?)
Vegetable I Hate: I can't actually think of any that I hate - I quite enjoy veggies!
What Makes Me Run Late: Other people usually - I tend to always be on time, if not early
X-Rays I've Had: Only on my teeth I believe, I've never actually broken anything!
Yummy Food I Make: Pasta Salad. (Check out my friend's blog, where she featured my recipe!)
Zoo Animal: Penguins. Duh.

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