Thursday, November 8, 2012

Presentation of Senior Girls

And here is number three of my walk down memory lane posts! My first memory lane post was all of my old cheerleading pictures, and then the second one was prom! So make sure you check those out too. :)

This is another thing that my school did, that I've never heard of with any other school. It's called Senior Girl Presentation. All the girls get fancied up, and each one literally gets "presented" before the school. Stuff is read off about them, including what they're involved in, stuff they like, and other kinds of nonsense. Kind of a school pageant - except there aren't "winners." Oh, and we have "escorts" - 8 boys we all voted are basically the most popular that walk us down the stage and stand at the front while we just smile pretty. It's sounds so weird now writing it out, but really everyone loves it, and the school has been doing it forever!

I wish I had more pictures from this, but alas, this is basically all I have, and it's impossible to go back and do over again. Oh well! At least I have this! And again, some are crappy quality because they were disposable camera prints that I scanned in years ago with a crappy scanner, but whatevs, right?!

So that's walk-down-memory-lane number three! Hope y'all are enjoying this as much as I am - because I've got about five or six more to go over the next month or so! Also, did anyone else do this kind of thing at their school? I would be so interested to find out if you did!?! 

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Angie Bean said...

OMG Brian Pennington and Ochuko! They look like babies!!

We didn't do anything like this at Godby... I'm so jealous because it looks like so much fun!