Monday, November 5, 2012

Partially Lazy Weekend

Went to a Thirty-One party, and ordered a cute little thermal tote lunch box (but not that pattern shown)
Ate some super yummy snacks/appetizers at that party and tried not to go overboard with it...
Hung out at my friend Lacey's house and watched part of a scary movie before heading home

Went to one of my youth's cross-country race to cheer them on. Her team got 1st place, and she got 3rd! So proud :)
Lazily hung out at Jeff's house the rest of the afternoon, watching movies and just relaxing, and it was sooo nice.
Tried to vote early but the line/parking lot was out of control, so I'll be going tomorrow to my assigned precinct.
Went to a fish fry at my Uncle's house with my whole family.

Church and Sunday school as usual.
Lunch with my Sunday school class at a delicious new BBQ place. This joint is better than Sonny's people...
Went shopping with my Sunday school class at the Dollar Tree for our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.
Went home and cleaned out my car and my room, and put away clean laundry. Feels so much better now.
Hung out with Jeff a bit, then we went and to Kiku  for dinner and got sushi again. Oh so yummy!
Went to an amazing Awaken service at church, and had a great time of prayer, scripture and worship.
Watched "The Muppets" for the first time, and it was so cute!

Turkey sammy & smokehouse mac-n-cheese = sooo yum. 

So,it ended up being a Partially Lazy Weekend, and way less busy that I thought, but it was great. I definitely needed that rest and relaxation a little more than I realized, so that was a nice and welcome addition to the weekend. Oh, and that time change wasn't too bad either. I wouldn't mind falling back again sometime in the near future. Can someone work that out for me? Please? Just let me know...

Also, I now realize now that the three pictures I managed to take are blurry and kind of awful quality. Let's all choose to overlook that fact, and just appreciate that I have some at all. Sound good? K, thanks :)

Anyways...I hope y'alls weekends were good like mine, and that you're Monday is off to a good start! I'm going to a wreath making class tonight with Jeff's mama, and I'm looking forward to that quite a bit. Hopefully I end up with something pretty we can hang on our front door! I'll be sure to share if it turns out nice! If not, I wouldn't want to ruin my reputation by posting something hideous...haha ;)

Oh! And my followers list hit the triple digits over the weekend! It's so crazy to see where I went from 12 followers for sooo long, to now having 102. Seriously people - I'm so glad you're all here and hanging out here on my little corner of the inter-webs. Thank you for joining in and following along my silly life and adventures! Can't wait to see where this keeps going and growing! Oh, and tomorrow will be post #200! Yayyy!!

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Katie said...

I'm all for partially lazy weekends with semi-blurry pictures. :)