Monday, June 11, 2012

Profiling The BBN

A little over a week ago I joined a new community - the Better Blogger Network. And so far I'm loving it. It's a place for blogging peeps to join together and share information and support. There is a lovely group of ladies running the site that offer tips, suggestions, advice and other helpful info about blogging and everything that comes along with it. You can join groups and chime in on discussion boards to connect with other members and make new online friends. 

Everything I've seen on the site so far has been interesting or helpful or exciting to read. It's been a real good thing so far. The site has only been around for a month or so, but they already have over 500 members on it already! And to celebrate these 500 members, their hosting a pretty awesome giveaway, open to anyone who is a member. And I for one would love to win it! But of course who wouldn't?!

If you're a fellow blogger, head on over to the Better Blogger Network, and go ahead and sign-up, because I think you'll like it. You can also check out my page HERE if you would like. :) Find some other lovely blog ladies and add them as friends. You're sure to see some good things and make some new friends as well.

Can't wait to spend some more time on the site and make new blogging friends!!


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