Thursday, June 7, 2012


I can tell already - there is going to be some Pinsanity going on in our future. Remember how yesterday I said that I'm sure wedding boards would pop up on Pinterest? Well, it's happened already... This morning I got this email.

Of course. It only took a day and look what's happened. But honestly, it's fine with me because I'm probably at the 80% excitement level of wedding stuff, compared to her most likely 100%, if not more like 150%. (Did that sentence just make any sense?? Hope so...) Anyways, the pinning has already begun, and we're not yet even in "full swing" of this thing.

Megan already knew her main color was going to be yellow, because that's both her's and Bo's favorite color. So it was an obvious choice. Here's a few of the nice yellow things she's found so far. And that cake - hello! It couldn't be more perfect for her I'm quite sure...

She also has a few ideas pinned of cute little things for around the reception, some cute ideas of pictures to display, a twist on the traditional guest book and something I for one am excited about as a future recipient of a little brides maid gift :)


Also, I had the idea to attempt to take her engagement photos for her. That way we can hopefully save some extra money if I end up succeeding! :) I figure between Jeff and I, and our two relatively "fancy" camera's, we have the potential to get some really good shots. If not, at least we had fun and tried, and then later down the road they will look into getting some "professional" shots done if I can't deliver any share-worthy photographs. 

So I've already gone on a pinning frenzy for engagement shots. I'll be doing some research and blog stalking of actual photographers in order to get some good ideas of shots and poses and stuff like that. And of course, we will let you know how all of this goes as it comes. Right now, looks like it won't be for a few months or so before we attempt the photographs. But here are a few of the ideas Megan and I have pinned so far... (Mostly I pinned them to remember the composition of the photo or the pose...but also they love baseball so they definitely want to do something similar the those below.)

So, if we're lucky, Jeff and I will be able to get some good shots and we can save some moola. And I'm actually super stoked about getting the chance to do this. I talked to Little today at lunch, and we already have a couple of locations and places in mind for us to shoot at. Hopefully it all works out and we get some good ones! (And whether they look amazingly awesome or horribly awful, you can rest assured I will at least share a few here on the ole' bloggy-blog once we get it done!)

Also - please be aware, NONE of the pictures above in this post are my own. You can find them all on Pinterest, with their proper links, on Megan's new board, "Wedding Ideas!!"

Hope you guys are ready for some wedding posts and photos and information and brainstorming, because it's only day two of the engagement, and we've got 345 days to go...happy wedding planning! :)

Love to all.

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