Friday, June 22, 2012

"Poor" by Earthly Measures

Tomorrow, bright and early in the morning, we will be leaving for our annual youth mission trip to Miami. This will actually be my 7th time working with this organization - Touching Miami with Love. They are an incredible and diverse organization that provides aid to kids and families in Overtown, which is one of (if not THE) poorest neighborhoods in the entire country.

They offer different programs and assistance all throughout the year, but we will be going to help lead for a week during their summer camp program. I am taking 25 high school students, 2 college girls, and 4 other adults on this trip. The 32 of us will lead close to 80 crazy, inner-city kids for the week in a program that is somewhat similar to a longer, more educational version of VBS (Vacation Bible School).

It's truly an amazing trip, and our students enjoy going down there and working with these children so very much. These kids may definitely be considered "Poor" by Earthly Measures, but that's not what's important. What IS important however is just loving on them; showing them how much people can care for them, and showing them that it's only because we have an amazing God who loves us so much more.

I know the kids at TML love having all of these volunteer teams come down and spend time with them. But I think my youth enjoy it just as much. We love getting to know these kids, even if only for a week. We love getting to play games with them and eat lunch with them and read a book with them. We just love getting to love on them. I'm always so amazed at how mature and grown-up and wise my teenagers seem during this week. They truly do blow me out of the water sometimes with their insights, thoughts and concerns. (And even though it happens every year, I'm sure it's not something I'll ever quit being amazed at. These youth are awesome, and I'm so glad I get to be a part of their lives and lead them on trips like these! I thank God for them in my life.)

When you think of us this week, please say a prayer for us, because I know we'll be needing it. Yes, it's going to be an awesome week and we'll love it - but it will also be exhausting and trying at times. Prayers are always welcome and encouraged. :) And please pray that this crazy storm doesn't make it's way to South Florida and cause all sorts of problems for us! We would like a hurricane-free week, please and thank you.

Much love, and thanks in advance for your prayers and support! :)

P.S. - All pictures (with exception of very first one which is from TML's website) are mine from last year's trip.

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agapelife said...

sounds awesome! GOD BLESS.