Thursday, July 19, 2012

Prime Time with Friends

Have I said recently how much I love and adore my girlfriends from St. Augustine? I don't think I have said much about them since our girls weekend, but they're always on my mind and in my heart. They are literally some of my favorite people, and I love when I get to have random visits with them!

Last Friday, Kaley happened to be passing through town, so I took off the whole day to hang out with her. We just did some random things, but we had a great time. We first went to Angelette's for breakfast, and enjoyed a little bit too much cajun breakfast. So yummy. Then we made our way over to Old Navy to start our shopping time. Everything in there ended up being way more expensive than it should have been, so we left there empty handed.

Wearing my new dress from Forever 21+ that I talk about in next paragraph... :)

Then we went to the mall to continue shopping. I got a super cute new dress from Forever 21, (and by the way - I didn't know they had a Forever 21 + section, so I found lots of things that I could actually fit into, when their clothes are usually the tiniest things ever). We browsed through a couple of other stores, then we both tried on a ton of clothes in Gap, and Kaley ended up getting two dresses.

Then we went to our cheap theater and saw "Think Like A Man," which was a decently funny movie. Then we just went back to my house to hang out for a bit before her dad got off of work. There was then some confusion with her and her dad and picking her up and staying in one place and it was some craziness. But it was still good, because that just meant I had some extra time with her! So glad that worked out Kaley!

But she wasn't the only one I've seen recently, because on Monday night I got to have dinner with Nicole! She lives in Pensacola, but was working out of town for a while, and was only a short drive from Tally. So Monday night we met half-way, and got to have dinner together! We ate in Quincy, Florida, at the West End Grille, which was a pretty yummy restaurant for being in a tiny, country town. :)

We sat talking for the longest time, and had so much to catch up on, and also reminisce about the old days as well. We had so much fun and it was so convenient to get to do this only 30 minutes away! Jeff also got to come to dinner with us, and it has been nice for him to get to meet my friends lately. So I'm so glad he could come too. Then we went on over to McDonald's for a little after dinner treat. We got ice cream cones and hung outside attempting to eat them faster than they could melt.

The three of us definitely had a good time together, and I wish it could happen more often! So any time you're close again Nicole, feel free to let me know, and then we can make dinner at the WEG totally become a "tradition." :)

I literally have some of the best friends, and I love them all so much! Looking forward to the next time I get to see some of them again! (Which I think should be the Lake House Extravaganza in August, and it is going to be amazing I'm sure, just like it always is!!)

Kaley and Nicole, thanks for coming to hang out with me in and around Tally. I'm so glad I got to see both of you! Love to you both in Auggie and P-cola. See you again soon!

Happy love to everyone else as well! :)

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