Friday, July 27, 2012

Polka Dot Nails, Round 2

Painted my nails again last night! And attempt number two with my new nail art dotting pen thingy-majiggies went pretty good again. (HERE is my first polka dot attempt, but not with the new majiggies). I'm still only attempting some very basic designs and things, but I'm sure in no time I'll be ready to tackle something a little more complex and interesting... but for now, it was just a quick, simple set of polka dot lines!

I'll be in the water all day on Saturday, so I don't expect this to last very long, but for now, I'm happy with the bright, summery results! I think maybe I should have chosen something other than white for the polka dots to get more of a contrast, but oh well. You live and you learn. Now I'm wishing I would have tried to do a tiny sunshine or something, since the yellow is so bright and sunny! Next time maybe...

What should I try next??

Happy nails and much love :)

Oh, and this is what I did the other day, even though I didn't blog about them. These nails were my very first attempt with my nail art dotting pen thingy-majiggies... (don't y'all love that fancy term?!) 

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