Monday, July 30, 2012

Peaches = Summertime

All of the pictures below are from Instagram, because I love Instagram - DUH. And they were all from the past 4 or 5 days. I had a great weekend and here's a few of the things that made it great:
  1. Watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics with Jeff and his family, while eating that amazing cobbler with the freshest Georgia peaches.
  2. Lazily tubing the Bear Paw Creek/Chipola River with my Sunday school class on Saturday. And even though we lost my car key in the river, my awesome parents drove an hour just to bring me my spare. They really are some cool people.
  3. Saturday night was an amazingly awesome worship experience at my church. Looking forward to the next one already.
  4.  Spent some nice time cuddling, playing and watching movies with Jeff and his precious twins.
  5. Had fun at our pool party with my youth, until we had to move it all into the garage because of thunder and lightning. Summer storms are such a bummer during a pool party. But we had fun anyways.
These are in no order whatsoever, but I did try to at least give a quick caption for each one! :)
Picture Dump, reeeeeeeeady, GO!

Keepin the nails simple this time around. For now at least ;)

Took some (lame bathroom) pics for the boyfriend

Doodled this with my new Sharpie pen to send Jeff the next morning

Jeff's mama made amazing homemade peach cobbler

"Awaken" worship experience at church on Saturday

Dressed up all festive for our youth luau!

These cuties came to the luau as well :)

Fresh Georgia peaches for snacks all the time.

Sunday school class tubing trip at Bear Paw

Such a good snack. Peach yogurt w/ Quaker granola.

Also, I've decided that this year, Peaches = Summertime. Usually I'm a huge fan of watermelon. And don't get me wrong, I still am. But this year, it's all about the peaches baby. They're delicious and sweet and juicy and yummy. And I'm eating them all the time. Delicious!

Happy summer my friends and loved ones! Keep enjoying it while you can :)


Joslin Williams said...

Yum peach cobbler! I'm normally not a fan of peaches, but this summer I've been wondering if I shouldn't give it another try.

Tia said...

I love your pictures :) I also love Chobani, yumm!


Rachel said...

Summer is going by way too fast, I swear! I'm slightly more inclined towards nectarines....but peaches are pretty tasty for a summer treat, too!