Monday, May 7, 2012

Pinstagram Weekend Photo Dump

Since my last few posts have been very wordy, we're going for a less-is-more theme with mainly photos. Here are some of the moments I loved from this past weekend, all portrayed through Instagram.

I love the weekends. I love Instagram. I love combining the two...

Got donuts and coffee as a treat for the boyfriend Saturday morning.
Jeff's birthday wish was to see "The Avengers" in IMAX 3D.
So of course I'm a good girlfriend, and took him on Saturday!
Then we did a little shopping - such a good price on those shoes!
Jeff actually really likes shopping with me, and especially for shoes.
This is how we celebrated Cinco de Mayo. So yummy!!
Then he asked for birthday ice cream, so we got Marble Slab. Yum!
Pretty drive on a country road on the way to Lauren's wedding.
Lauren was such a beautiful bride!
Wedding reception.
Found my old friend Callie at church, on her birthday!
This was for the #photoadaymay Instagram challenge. Day 6 - You.
Sunday lunch with the fam at Gordo's. Love my Leetle Seester!
Sunday lunch at Gordos. Cuban food is so good!

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Kaley Grant said...

Girl you cute. And didn't you love Avengers?!