Friday, May 11, 2012

Partial to the Weekends

It's almost the weekend!! And obviously I'm a little bit looking forward to that, because I'm a little bit Partial to the Weekends. Not because I always have the best weekend ever planned, but simply because it means I get two full days of "me time," in whatever form it might appear, where I don't have to be at work, and I don't have to indoors if I don't want to be...

Tonight's me time begins with a lovely date with my sweet boyfriend. My boss gave me a gift card a few weeks ago for Administrative Professionals Day to Olive Garden. It can actually be used at any Darden restaurant though (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Longhorn & Bahama Breeze), so we're going to dinner at Longhorn, because we also have a coupon for a free appetizer. Score! So we're "treating" ourselves to a fancy date tonight, just because we can. :)

Tomorrow's plans aren't cemented in stone yet, but hopefully it includes at least a little bit of outside time in the nice weather. I'm thinking either a morning bike ride or some afternoon pool time. Or hopefully both if I'm lucky enough. Then tomorrow night will be a party for a girl at Jeff's church to celebrate her graduation from FSU Grad school. Congrats to her!

Sunday of course is Mother's day. So that means presents first thing in the morning for my sweet Mama. Then we'll all go to church together and head home to change clothes before heading to lunch. We will all meet at my Grandparents' house and celebrate my Mama, Aunt Q, and my Grandmother with yummy food, lemonade cake (which sounds delish), and some more presents. Then we'll spend the evening back at home again enjoying time together with our little family.

(And for Mother's Day, I have a special post planned that features my dearest Mama, that I for one am looking forward to posting and sharing with yall. So look for that on Sunday!)

I'm looking forward to some time spent doing a few things I want to do, as well as some time enjoying the company of people I love! I'm so thankful for two full days of weekend :) Only a little over one hour of work to go until it get's here - hurry, hurry, hurry please!


A little bored on my afternoon break today - this is why I need a couple of days away from the office!