Friday, May 25, 2012

Paisley Phone Cover

I've been really jonesin' for a new iPhone case lately. Partly because mine is a little worn and broken in a couple of places, but mostly because I'm just ready for a change for my pretty little iPhone. So I did some looking around, and found that Urban Outfitters has some really, really cute ones. I have no idea if they're good quality or not (for some reason I'm thinkin' NO), but I've made a couple of collages to showcase some of my favorite ones from their site:

In the first collage, I really enjoy the patchwork effect on the top right corner, and the doodle-like design of the middle picture on the bottom row. In the second collage, my favorites are the left picture on both the top and bottom rows, as well as the paisley in the top right corner.

But since I'm not too sure about this quality of these beauties, and I can't even see one in person without purchasing it online, I'm going to forego buying one from here, even though some are amazingly awesome. What I would like to do though, is an idea I saw on Pinterest a long time ago - before I even had an iPhone yet - but now can't find again...

Anyways, you just buy a clear iPhone case/cover, find pretty scrapbook paper, cut the scrapbook paper to fit inside the back of your clear cover, and voila! You have a cute little cover, that you can change in and out as your tire and bore of the previous one. And I'm sure I could find some super cute scrapbook paper that would be just as pretty as some of the cases featured above.

So unless anyone just wishes to buy me a present for no reason, and buy me a pretty new iPhone case, I'll be on the lookout for a clear one in my future :)

Love to everyone. And I hope you enjoy your 3-day, Memorial Weekend! Hooray!

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