Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Preparation Pays Off

This past weekend, we had Disciple Now Weekend for my youth at church. It was truly an incredible weekend. I completely planned the entire event by myself for the first time, (well at least 95% of it was by myself). I planned the same event last year, but Duncan was still around - and apparently he did way more work last year than I even realized. So many teeny-tiny details had to be thought through and planned - and God blessed me with a successful weekend for my kids.

We started on Thursday night with a kick-off banquet at the church - which was awesome. My parents have been in charge of the banquet for the past 7 years, and they always do a fantastic job. This year was no exception. They matched my Jungle theme perfectly, and cooked a great meal for close to 125 kids and adults. Also, we had The Ransomed play at the event, and the rocked!

The rest of the weekend started Friday night, and was jam packed to the rim. The kids participated in Bible study sessions, free time to make t-shirts and group cheers, service projects at the church and in Frenchtown, worship rally's, recreation and they may have slept for a couple of hours each night :) Some of the highlights of the weekend were:
  • Seeing so many of my students invite their friends for the weekend
  • Watching the high school kids serve and sing at Breakfast in the Park
  • Praying over and laying hands on each other after our service project
  • Canopy Red leading our kids in worship
  • Bobbing for Tootsie Rolls at Rec
  • Laughing so hard at the awesome group cheers for Rec
  • Getting to spend time with 65 of my youth!!
I truly love my youth group, and thank God for the opportunity to lead them. They are so much fun, and amazing weekends like this really make my "job" incredible. I am so glad that I get to be a part of the lives of these amazing teenagers!

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