Monday, June 17, 2013

Pool-Crashers & Water-Splashers

Good morning lovely ladies! Hopefully your Monday's are off to a decent start. Mine seems to be good so far. I'm in quite a nice mood, and I don't really even know why. But you certainly don't hear me complaining about it! I think it might be because I got more sleep last night than I have in the past like 10 days - so that's definitely a good thing. And it was necessary for sure after the fun and busy weekend I had! Wanna hear about my weekend shenanigans? Well,

This Weekend I....

+ Went to dinner with my parents at Applebee's, and even though we had a good time together, we weren't impressed with our meals or our server, so we probably won't be back for quite some time.
+ Then I met up with Jeff and the boys for a quick trip to Publix, to grab groceries for Saturday
+ Rented "The Rise of the Guardians" from Redbox, and watched the first half before the boys fell asleep
+ Then Jeff and I finished our week-long game of rummy, and clearly I blew him out of the water
Oh, and I made some delicious "redneck" caprese to take as part of my lunch on Saturday. I called it redneck because I forgot to buy fresh mozzarella, so I just cut up some string cheese sticks :) And it was soooo good. I'll be buying more tomatoes and cheese tonight to make this again, ASAP.

+ Woke up early-ish and headed back to Jeff's house to get packed for the day, then we met my friend Lacey and her daughter, and we all headed down to swim at Wakulla Springs for a while! Since it's a natural spring, the water is always 72 degrees, and even though that doesn't sound particularly cold, it actually feels freezing. So the "big kids" didn't really do too much swimming, and instead just supervised the little ones in their floaties.

+ Then Jeff had to run the sound booth at his church for a wedding, so Lacey and I took the kids to a local apartment complex, and crashed their pool. There's no security guard or code or gate or anything, so we just walked right in. It was a great find, and we'll definitely be visiting many more times this summer!

+ After the wedding, Jeff came to meet us finally, so we got groceries, and cooked dinner for everyone at Lacey's house that night, and the kids all watched "The Rise of the Guardians," twice. And luckily I got to see the end of it the second time around. And it's such a good movie! For real, so good people.

+ Went to Sunday school and church with my parents, and then met my sister, brother-in-law and step-brother for Father's Day lunch at Beef O'Brady's
+ Saw "Man of Steel" for Father's Day, and it was so good!
+ Cleaned out under my bed, and even though it's not completely done (still a DVD player and some other random things under there), it's about 95% done, so I'm crossing it off my list
+ Took the boys to swim at one of their church-friends' house for a couple of hours. And we spent a good amount of time working with them on learning how to swim more (they got so close last summer), and I think they've just about got it now!
+ Came back to Jeff's house and got some good snuggle time before heading home

Lots of activities, lots of sun, lots of water - lots of fun! (I love when I accidentally rhyme...) We had such a great time this weekend, and I realized how blessed we are to have such great friends for us, and for the boys, that we can hang out with all the time. I also had a great time celebrating Father's Day with my dad and siblings. And of course, just like everyone else on just about every Monday morning, I only wish it could have lasted a little bit longer! But we do have a couple fun things planned for during the week, and we definitely have fun things planned for next weekend as well!

How were y'all's weekends? Hopefully you enjoyed it, no matter how busy or relaxing your weekend was.

Much love,


Sarah said...

Applebees is only good for mixed drinks during happy hour--or at least the one here is, anyway. The food is just kind of gross (which is how I feel about most chain restaurants anyway), so I'm sorry that your server was lackluster too!

Swimming looks like it was a blast! I'm envious; it was 90+ degrees here all weekend and I didn't get any pool time!

Angie Bean said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend!! Text me the name of the pool ya'll crashed because I've been searching for one to sneak into! ;)

Kate said...

I am so jealous of all your water fun this weekend! I'm in dire need of a nearby pool. All I want to do is lay out in the sun--is that too much to ask? :)

Dara said...

Too funny about using the cheese sticks- we made pizza using string cheese last week!
The springs and the pool both look great.

Danielle Villano said...

This sure looks like a fun time - with a lot of swimming! Thanks for sharing :)


seetastelove said...

All that water makes for a great weekend. We had thunderstorms all weekend so I didn't make it to the pool until tonight after work. Glad you had a great weekend.