Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Portion Control of the Proper Foods

Let's not waste time, y'all know what's happening today...I'm linking up with Erin & Alex for Weigh-In Wednesday!

Initial Starting Weight = 227
January Starting Weight = 217
Last Week, April 24 = 190.4
Today, May 1 = 191.4

And so now that's another gain this past week, of exactly one pound. And now that means I've been toying around with these same two-ish pounds for about a month now! The very first weigh-in of the month on April 3, I was at 192. Now, one month later, I'm basically still right there. The lowest I saw on the scale, I was hanging out around 189.8 for a couple of days, but obviously that didn't last long. I'm sick of this, and I'm ready to move on.... and so I'm excited today is the first day of a new month, because it's just begging for a fresh start and a kick in the pants to get movin' again.

Here's what my workouts looked like since last Wednesday:

Wednesday: ab class during my lunch hour and 1.55-mile run after work (478 cals total)
Thursday: 60 minutes of Zumba (428 cals)
Friday: .98-mile run and some random "circuits" at the house (260 cals)
Saturday & Sunday: super busy, "rest" days
Monday: 1.83-mile lunch-time walk with my Aunt Q (237 cals)
Tuesday: 60 minutes of Zumba (456 cals)

My friend & bridesmaid Lacey joined me last night for her first time ever at Zumba, & she loved it!

I've also been doing a LOT of squats lately. Beth at Hang On, Honey got some of us girls into a month-long squat challenge, and we're about half way through the month so far. It's tough, but hopefully my legs will be looking a bit better by the end of this thing! Today I'll do my ab class during lunch, and then after work I'm starting Jillian Michaels' 6 Week Six-Pack DVD, and I will also either run a mile, or do the 30-Day Shred. 

Today, a bunch of us blogger girls are starting a new challenge - May Meltdown with Ms. Michaels - which is why I'm starting the new 6 Week Six-Pack DVD today! Got it last night from Target, after the awesome results and review from Ms. Elle Noel. Join in with us if you want to, by doing whatever Jillian Michaels DVD you like, and hashtag it on Instagram & Twitter with #4MChallenge to stay motivated!

So I'm still trying to workout a good bit, but the reason my weight isn't going anywhere, is because I'm not eating like I should...I do good for breakfast and lunch - and then dinner hits, and I'm having a hard time making healthier choices. And not only am I choosing "bad-for-me-food", but I'm also choosing to eat too much of it. I had been doing better with this, I was starting to get the hang of choosing veggies and lean meats, and getting smaller portions...but the last couple of weeks I've fallen off of that bandwagon, and now I'm frustrated with it. Seeing that I've been at almost the exact same weight for the entire month is both embarrassing, and extremely frustrating. 

But like I said, the first day of a new month is just begging for change and a fresh start - and so that's exactly what I'll be doing! No more eating like that. No more bad choices. I'm going to do a variation of the Daniel Diet, and I'll be trying to avoid all bread, meat and cheese for the month, as well as sweets and sugar. Then when the month is over, I'll eat meat again, but still keep bread and cheese to a minimum. So do y'all have some yummy dinner recipes that will fit the no meat/cheese/bread standards for me to try? Let me know! I'm always looking to try new things and new ideas!

So that's where I stand this week - still working out and trying to be active, but eating too much of the wrong foods. So today starts a change! I'll be focusing on portion control of proper foods, and eating the right things. Bring it on May. The goal for the month is to finally hit the 180's, and stay there for good!!


Megan Colwell said...

I am proud of you for keeping it. I've been toying around with the same two pounds too. I want so badly to be under 180. I think that Time o' zee month is haunting me right now. So hopefully soon things will even out. Women have the whole weight lose gimmick so hard. In May I plan on taking four kick boxing classes and lifting more weights. Then at least I can say it's muscle gain ;)

Nicole McKenzie said...

I know you say you're cutting out meat but if you decide you need some more protein I'd try Jenny-O Turkey Burgers. I've been eating a ton of them! I eat them on those super thin sandwich/bun things but you can easily sub some lettuce for your bread. Then pile on the veggies! I love them with tomato, grilled onion, spinach, bread & butter pickle chips and mustard. Low cal and super flavorful!

Shesabigstar said...

Isn't it crazy how a new month can signify such a fresh start?! I've been feeling the same way today... wish I could translate that thinking over everyday because any single day could be a fresh start, but a new month is just so helpful! I hope you find a way to kick those 2 lbs., I know it has to be frustrating for you! Soon enough the 190's will be history for you, I know it!

Frances Kendrick said...

They are yummy!! I eat them just like that and the bread and butter pickles are absolute necessity!! :D

Frances Kendrick said...

The scale....friend or foe?
I can so relate!! This weight seemed like it went on so fast, but coming off so slow!! Your plan sounds great, and if you stick to it, your going to have an awesome month!!!

Happy Wednesday!!

Esther Davison said...

Dinner is my toughest meal too! I tend to overeat just about every night. I'm working on it of course. Lately, I've been planning my whole day of eating in the morning. That seems to have been effective so far. Esther Norine Designs