Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Providing the Facts of Halie

On Tuesday, Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants posted a fun link-up for us to join. I however already had two posts for Tuesday (a weekend recapFirst Things First week 3) and a weigh in post yesterday, so I've been waiting for today to come, so I could finally participate as well! There are about a zillion other bloggers who have already joined in, but I just had to jump on the bandwagon too. And hey - I've gotten a ton of new followers over the last week and a half, so I'm sure y'all are dying to learn more about me. So today, I'll be Providing the Facts of Halie. So, here we go!
I'm gonna start out with a few obvious ones. I tend to not mention these three in my usual "about me" kinds of stuff because it seems so much like, "Duh, Halie! We know that already," but I'm just feelin' it today...mmmkay?

I am quite literally obsessed with penguins - obviously since it's in my blog name! I honestly really wish that I could own one as a pet. I just think they're the cutest, fluffiest, wanna-sqeeze-em-so-tightest little fellas in all the land. But since I can't have a real one, I own countless penguin-related things at home like: books, stuffed animals, earrings, movies, pillows, pillow pets and goodness knows what else...

Also, I like pasta a whole dang lot too. It is seriously my favorite food ever. I'm not even sure what it is about the stuff that I love so much, but I just do! And I'll eat it in just about any form or flavor: creamy or saucy; long noodles or short noodles; red sauce or white sauce; veggies only or meat added; stuffed and filled, and definitely cheesy...oh man I just love it. But of course my love for pasta is an issue when I'm trying to diet and eat right...

And then lastly, I think polka dots are just the cutest. They're easy to throw on just about anything, and it's instantly cuter and more girly, and just better. And they seem to make me happy, so I tend to gravitate towards those cute little round spots. And I think we could all use a little more polka dots in our lives, right?

And here are a few other random things things, that may or may not end up being classified as "TMI"...

-- I have a super small bladder, which results in very frequent trips to the restroom. All. the. time.

-- Whenever I am indoors, I am almost always freezing cold. My fingers and toes are constantly little popsicles.

-- I am usually pretty girly and into pretty, flowery things. Occasionally though, I do like to get messy and do some not-so-girly stuff as well.

-- I am a serious bookworm. I love reading and collecting books. I hope to have a small library in my house one day, with super comfy leather chairs and soft, cozy blankets.

-- There are definitely some OCD tendencies in my life, but none that completely overtake my daily routine.

-- The volume on the TV or radio has to be in increments of 5's. I make other's do this too when I'm with them.

-- I still sleep with a teddy bear at night. (This should embarrass me, but sadly it doesn't...)

-- Jeff is the only real boyfriend I've ever had, and I'm totally fine with that :)

-- Buffalo sauce is one of my weaknesses. Anything with buffalo on it is going to be a favorite of mine. For realz.

-- Forgiveness comes quickly and easily for me, and I tend to avoid confrontation if possible.

-- I absolutely hate not knowing the lyrics to songs. Usually, when I get a new CD, I print off all the words and listen to it over and over again with the pack of lyrics I've made, in order to learn them all.

-- I don't mind the washing & drying portion of doing laundry - but I hate the folding & hanging part.

-- I set weird times on the microwave. I.e. - if it's supposed to take 1 minute 30 seconds, I do it for 1 minute 33 seconds. Just seems easier to push that same button twice...

-- The way my hands feel after washing the dishes, or a day at the beach, drives me nuts. Lotion is a constant necessity for me.

And even though I could probably go on and on with only Lord knows how many other facts about myself, I think this is more than sufficient for this one blog post. I had fun writing these, so I hope you had at least a little fun reading them as well! Here's to only one more day before the weekend my friends!!


Veronica Lee Burns said...

I love your facts. My husband and you could totally bond over the love of penguins. We had them at our wedding, they're that important.

and on your random list, I have a small bladder too! Ugh isn't it annoying? haha

gayle t. said...

I'm with you. Love doing laundry, but putting it away kind of never happens, so I'm constantly pulling stuff out of the laundry basket to wear. Usually t-shirts, since I hang dry a lot of my stuff, too, so it's already hanging! But. Because of the hang-drying part, I tend to procrastinate on laundry. What IS IT with the folding and hanging that is so annoying?! :)

Gayle | Grace for Gayle

Kelly Ann said...

UM, YES? All three of these things are great - especially real penguins!I found your blog through Annie Sauce giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

Sparkles and Shoes

livingnlearningbyamy said...

I am the same way about laundry. Washing and drying it is not the problem, it's folding or putting it away!

Sierra said...

I just found your blog and I love it. Seriously. You are adorable.
Hope to see you on my end! :)
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Sara Blinder said...

I recently tried spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce as a substitute for pasta. It was actually really good, texture was a little bit different, but it curbed my craving.