Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pursonal Belongings

I've wanted to do one of those "what's in your bag" kind of posts for a while. I actually have it written down on a list I keep of posts/things to do in the future, and for some reason just never got around to it, despite how simple it is to do! Well today I've finally decided to jump on it, because one of my bloggy friends, Ricci from A Beautiful Mess, was doing a link-up! So I decided I definitely needed to join today :)

Soooo, here's my purse. It's my favorite kind - a cross-body bag. I've been obsessed with this style of purse for about two years, and really I never use anything but this style. I have about four or five that I rotate, but this one is the newest, and the one I'm using right now. I got this baby at Ross for about 20 bucks I believe. What-a-steal.

And here's the contents of my purse. And this is downsized. I used to carry some giant purses around. In fact, my dad always referred to them as my "American Tourister," after the luggage company - as if I was carrying around a purse the size of a suitcase. Puh-lease. Now though, after Jeff started making fun of me too, I carry a more reasonable size purse, and therefore can severely limit the amount of hoopla I lug around with me all the time...

And then I went to much more trouble than was probably worth it, by putting little shapes and numbers all over everything, just so I could easily list out what things were. Because obviously I keep some confusing stuff in my purse...not. I'm pretty sure you could have figured it all out on your own, but too late now because I've already done it, so I'm going for it! If you're confused by anything in the following picture, please direct your attention to the explanations below, as I'm sure that will adequately clear anything up...

1. Christmas cards from friends, so I can hang them up in my office
2. Sunglasses
3. Lotion from my sister as part of a tiny bridesmaid present
4. Makeup essentials - Maybeline mascara, Bare Minerals black eyeliner, Sephora gold eyeliner, E.L.F. eye shadow,           Bare Minerals eye shadow and Cover Girl powder
5. Cute wallet from Charming Charlie
6. Pouch full of lip glosses and lip sticks, that gets exchanged for lady products once a month...
7. Favorite pen (that has purple ink!), and keys
8. Random movie ticket from "Wreck It Ralph"
9. Favorite chapstick = Burt's Bees = my obsession, and my favorite lip gloss, C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint
10. Staff ID badge to get in my building at work
11. just one single earring...
12. Cute pink pocketknife 

OH! And my iPhone can usually be found in there too. But I was taking these pictures with it, so it's not pictured... And that's all I've got in there, today at least. On other days, you can find additional items like a bottle or two of nail polish, maybe some chocolate, a pack of gum, too many crumpled receipts, and sometimes I'll even cram in a small book! So, those are my Pursonal Belongings! What's in your purse? Write your own post and you can link-up with Ricci too. Or just leave me a comment below if you keep something weird, random or funny in your purse! It's always fun "peeking in the windows" of other girls lives/purses! ;)

P.S. - One of my favorites, Aunie Sauce is also doing a "What's in my bag" link-up too, and so you can go check out her awesome blog too!


Emily said...

1. Love your purse
2. Also love Charming Charlies
3. I forgot to link up--but I'd also have one ear ring in my bag.

I made a list because I thought I had more things to comment on-but I guess not. haha.

Teresa said...

I love your bag; it's so cute!

Kym Bozarth said...

I like your bag and it seems so organized!

Ricci said...

LOVE your bag!!!! I need a cross body bag....I too have been accused of bringing an overnight bag as a purse :)

I must say that I love that you did the neat numbers on your pic so you could label everything :)

THANK YOU for linking up!!!!

Susannah said...

This is fun. I'm going to try to make some time today and join in on the fun! :-)

Found you from the GFC blog hop! You can find me here:

Robin said...

I like the pink pocketknife. Where did you get it?

Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

Um the title of your post is THE BEST. "purse-onal?" Love it.

What a cute little eyeshadow pallette. And ... I have been wanting a Swiss Army knife FOREVER. I love that one!

Thank you thank you for linking up! PS> love your purse! Is it mustard or camel?

Andrea said...

Great idea to label and explain everything that way. Love that you hang up the Christmas cards in your office. That's fun!

Andrea -

Betsy Transatlantically said...

gorgeous wallet - I love the print!

Lenetta Carnes said...

Happy New Year!I love your blog. I found you through Aloha Blog Hop. Stop by and say hi if you get a minute. :)