Friday, December 7, 2012

Paper Snowflakes & More

Dear Boyfriend: Thanks so much for being excited about the activity calendar I made for us for this month, and being so great about participating in the things I planned for us! I had such a great time cutting out paper snowflakes with you the other night while we drank hot tea and watched a movie. It was such a lovely at-home date night :)

Dear Tallahassee: If you'd like to come hear me sing in our church's Singing Christmas Tree, it will be happening at 7 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, at Bradfordville FBC. It's free, so just show up! It's a great night of Christmas music, and I think you should come :)

Dear Throat/Voice: We've got a lot of singing to do over the next three days, so let's keep it together and not freak out. I'll be drinking copious amounts of hot tea, and I bought a brand new bag of cough drops yesterday. We gotta stay healthy!

Dear Fingernails: You looks so much better now that I finally got around to painting you! Sorry it took so long. But you're adorable and Christmasy, with a special twist for the Singing Christmas Tree! :) {And I'll have to share pictures on Monday because I don't have any right now, and I actually need to do a quick touch-up on one of them!}

Dear Housegirl Haley: Thank you so much for sending me those cute ornaments, for our swap Living In Yellow hosted! I'm sorry I forgot to post about them earlier this week like we were "supposed" to, but I do like them! I'll be putting them up on the tree this weekend :) And isn't it so funny and ironic we got matched since we have the same name, and live in the same state only a few hours apart?! Such a small world we live in :) Oh, and the teal box and burlap ribbon was just the cutest, it made so so happy when I pulled it out of the brown shipping box!

Dear Office: Breakfast this morning was super delicious.... BUT we're gonna have to slow down and chill out on the holiday snacks and parties, or else we're all gonna weigh a bajillion pounds by the new year...

Dear Pinterest: Thanks for yet another successful and delicious meal for me and my family. Yesterday's Crockpot Angel Chicken was so yummy, and I'll definitely be sharing the recipe with y'all one day next week! (My picture below doesn't look like anything fancy, but believe me, it's tasty for sure.)

Dear Influenster: I'm sooo excited I finally got my first box, and I'm so excited to start trying everything out! I am wearing the tiny new perfume today, and it really does smell great. Can't wait to see how the other products all work out as well! (Although apparently you're having some serious website issues today...?)

I'm off now to force myself to do some work for the rest of  the day...however I don't wanna overdo it or anything, so I'll still try to take it easy. And then I'll be singing for the rest of the weekend, with of course some fun and relaxation thrown in there as well! Oh, and a holiday craft show tomorrow!

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Jacque Dapper Lass said...

I keep hearing good things about that perfume! Those nail polishes look perfect for Christmas.

ChatterBlossom said...

Love the wrapping!
Found you through the hop and am your newest follower,

Joan said...

Just found your blog through Sweet Pea Sylvie's blog hop, i'm a new follower :)

Michelle said...

What a good man to help you crafty, that is so sweet :) Im dying to see what youve done with those nail polishes plus youve just reminded me I need to redo mine. They chip so quickly it sux doesnt it!

Marilyn said...

LOVE this... such an awesome post.. I'm stopping in and following you from the blog hop and looking forward to reading more of your wonderful blog.. Hope you can stop in and follow back via .. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.. xo.. Mariyn..

Enjoying the Epiphany said...

Yay you! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would follow me back!


Kaela said...

Found your blog through Fridays Letters! I loved my Cosmo VoxBox too! I was so happy I was chosen for it. I ate that chocolate immediately, too haha.