Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pandora Comedy is Good for Road Trips

Labor Day weekend was super fun and amazing. Instead of sharing every tiny detail though like I usually do, I'll just try to hit the high notes...

Drove to Charlotte, North Carolina with Jeff all day Friday
Went to IKEA - amazing! My first trip there, and it was the bomb
Stayed my first night with some of Jeff's family in Charlotte on an air mattress
Picked up Gabe and Ryan early Saturday and drove to Hinton, West Virginia
Spent time with all sorts of Jeff's family and friends for two days
Played at a park right next to a dam
Went to a little water fall on the New River in West Virginia
Ate entirely too much yummy food
I slept on an air mattress for a few too many days - while Jeff and the boys shared a full-size bed down the hall
Listened to comedy on Pandora - awesome for road trips, and so freaking funny
Drank a lot of coffee/caffeine/energy drinks
Had so much fun playing with those precious little boys :)
Took the boys back early Monday morning - sad times
Drove back to Tally super slow with stops along the way for Jeff to show me around his old stomping grounds
Had an amazingly fun weekend with my boyfriend and his super cute kids :)

And here's a collage of mostly the boys, but a few other ones too. They're just so stinking photogenic, so it's hard to take photos of much else when they're around! ;)

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