Sunday, August 15, 2010

Purchasing TOMS

So I've been thinking about buying some of these shoes since last December-ish. When I first saw someone wearing them, I thought they looked funny, and didn't really like them. But then I learned a WHOLE LOT about them when I did a group project on the company. The more I read, the more I was impressed. They really are a great company, doing really great things all over the world. And now, everyone I talk to is becoming fans of them as well. So I will finally be purchasing my very own pair of TOMS. (The ones pictured below. I figure I'll wear them most often if they're neutral.) And I'm really excited about it! I am excited to support their mission, and aid them in their incredible goal of providing shoes for children in desperate need of them.

Here's one quick story of something we take for granted. A single mother of three children in South America only had one pair of shoes to share between all three of them. In order to attend school, they were required to wear shoes. They would rotate the one pair, and take turns going to school with the one pair of shoes. When they each received a new pair of TOMS, all three were finally able to go to school.These are things we take for granted, and something I'm excited to change.

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dmischler said...

Did you ever get your TOMS, because I haven't seen them yet. And...I probably should.