Thursday, August 12, 2010

Paint Night

Luckily for me, this starts with a "P," again. Appropriate.

Tonight the youth had Extreme Paint Night. And it was amazing. I got there early to help Duncan, the youth pastor, set up for the night. We had special t-shirts made that said Paint Night 2010 on the front, and had a real cool splatter effect on the back. Everyone wore them during the night, and it was fun seeing the plain white t-shirts transform during the games!

Our first game was messy kickball, where we slid from base to base, on plastic coated in paint, water and dish washing soap. Fun sliding, bubbly making, painting fun. Next we moved on the Capture the Flag. We each coated our hands extensively with our teams paint color, and then proceeded to play a regular game, only when you got tagged, you had giant smears on your shirt. Which looked awesome.

Then we played another game, that honestly didn't go as planned, but the kids didn't realize it, and they still had a good time trying what we had set up!

Then we each had a squirt gun and filled it with paint infused water, and just had an all-out-war! There were also sponges and sqishy balls for soaking up the paint, and then pegging other people with. It was an amazingly messy night, and super fun. It will definitely be a repeat event every summer, I can feel it...

There are only a few post-event pictures, due to the messy-ness of the event, but enjoy the few!

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