Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Procrastination Trumps Productivity

So, I should be doing something a lot more productive than just making a new blog post. But, my dear friend Dani, specifically requested a new blog post a few days ago, so I figured I would oblige her, and write a little something! :)

This past weekend was a blast, and I wish every weekend could be so good and could provide so much fun. Friday night started out with date night with my sweet boyfriend, Jeff. We went to an old Tallahassee favorite, Jim & Milt's, for some casual, delicious BBQ. We both got the Yankee sandwich (combo of chopped beef and pork) but he got fried corn-on-the-cob and I got french fries, and then we shared our sides. It was so yummy. And then we watched "Love & Other Drugs" which turned out to be a great, really funny movie. Definitely recommend this one.

Saturday morning I was lucky and I got to sleep in, thankfully! Then Jeff came over and we spent the afternoon lounging around the house watching movies. Saturday night Jeff and I went up to Wild Adventures for the Skillet concert - which was so amazing!! We got there early enough to ride 3 of the roller coasters, and then we met up with Robert and Jacob for concert time! It was such a great, fun night!

Sunday morning was the usual of Contemporary Worship Service followed by Sunday school. Then for lunch the whole family went over to my Grandparent's house to celebrate both my Papa's and my Aunt Q's birthdays. We had good food, lot's of laughs, and a fun time.

Then Sunday afternoon Jeff and I took a quick trip down to St. George Island. We walked down the beach and watched the beautiful sunset. (Romantic, right?!) We picked up a few really awesome looking shells, took some good pictures, and Jeff terrorized a couple crabs trying to get some good video :)

Then we had dinner at The Blue Parrot (where both of our orders weren't cooked completely but they were extremely nice about bringing us new ones!), and enjoyed the nice weather. Then we sat on the beach for a little while under the bright full moon before heading back to Tally.

All-in-all it was a great weekend. And I'm already looking forward to more fun this upcoming weekend. But first, I have a small cold that I need to get rid of. So let's hope and pray that it goes away before Friday - cuz I'm ready to have some more fun! :)

Love to you all ♥


Megan said...

Sounds like such a lovely and relaxing weekend!! Love you girlie!

Dani said...

yesssss!!!!! Thank you!! Love your new layout. Love the new post! Love YOU!