Thursday, May 26, 2011

Passing of the Keys

So, most of you know - our youth pastor at Bradfordville resigned in the middle of March. Well yesterday was his final day at church with us. Now I am officially the ONLY youth staff at BFBC. It's such a weird feeling.

Last night we had a tiny "ceremony" in which Duncan passed his church keys off to me. I then went around and locked up the church for the first time. However, he didn't mention I had to turn off the lights before I locked the we had to do a little fixing :) oopsie...

This is just a quick post to request prayer for our youth group, for myself as I start leading on "my own" (with a lot of help from our Youth Ministry Committee and adult volunteers), and for Duncan and his family during their transition.

Just please remember all of Bradfordville in your prayers. We could definitely use some extra prayers whenever possible! Love you to all.

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