Monday, February 21, 2011

Political Visit

Today, Governor Rick Scott came for a visit to the good ‘ole Department of Corrections. ALL of the Central Office employees were required to attend his address, which was held on the ground floor of our parking garage.
It was supposed to begin at 3 p.m., and about ten minutes before, four almost-identical black SUV’s made a spectacle of pulling in and backing around, making sure to face the entrance. Secret service personnel started pouring out, and “secured the perimeter” of the parking garage, standing about 20 yards apart from each other all the way around. Complete with fancy suits and ear pieces. Very official.
I don’t think I should broadcast to everyone out there if I voted for him or not, but I will say I was a bit underwhelmed by his ‘speech’ this afternoon. He didn’t seem to be the greatest speaker, and it felt a bit unprepared. During the Q & A portion, I don’t think he really even answered any of the questions? I can’t be too sure though, because honestly, I didn’t know what all they were talking about – taxes, retirement, benefits, blah, blah, blah, things that don’t affect me, yet. So it was hard to follow.
One lady did specifically ask him what he’s making the wealthiest Floridian’s do to contribute to our failing economy – and she got applauded for her question. But again, I’m not too sure what the answer was. It was kind of a canned response, and he seemed to evade the specific question, and simply dance around the answer.
All-in-all, it wasn’t too thrilling. But, I’m sure not complaining – I got to go sit outside in the nice weather for an hour instead of staring at my computer screen and answering stupid questions on the phone…


Nicole McKenzie said...

Was there an interpreter? That's what I always hope for if I go to any big speeches like that :D

Kaley Grant said...

You should have asked him how often he goes tanning. And which salon he thinks is the best.