Friday, January 21, 2011

Paperback & Hardcover

So last night while I was playing on my new computer, I was finally able to spend some time on the internet – which is abnormal for me usually. Over New Year’s weekend at the farm, my good friend Kaley Grant had told me about this cool website called Shelfari, and that I should join it, and that I should be her friend there. So last night I did. And it is pretty awesome.
It’s an online book shelf. And it actually even looks like a cute little bookshelf. You add titles of books, and a little icon of the book shows up on your shelf. Then you click whether you’ve already read it, if you’re currently reading it, or if you plan to read it. And then it kind of works like Twitter, where you can ‘follow’ other friends, and see their ratings of books.
I’m thinking this website is only cool if you’re a bookworm like me, but I really like it so far. And I’m excited to explore it a little further. I mean, I already have a GIANT list of books I want to read (I mean really giant – like over 60 books), but I’m looking forward to adding some more, based on stuff I find on Shelfari!
So, if you also like books and reading, then you should join it too. And we can share book recommendations together. Join, and then search for me, (by clicking this) and we can be friends in yet another online realm : )
Love to you all.


Kaley Grant said...

"online realm" huh. . . .copy cat. I love you and I appreciate you for furthering the usage.

Halie Renee said...

I always wanna copy everything you do forever and forever... :)