Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pretty Awesome Weekend

Today is Sunday, the final day of a great weekend. Here's a recap, but it's gonna go all the way back to Wednesday, cuz it's just been that good...

Wednesday night was a great night at church with my favorite youth's. Then we of course went to Fuzions for some frozen yogurt, even though it was freezing outside. We hung out for a while, and then at home, Meg and I watched "Glee" on demand - so good.

Thursday was Veteran's day and it was glorious to sleep in a little. I hung out with my precious Sara Lane for a while, and then some of us met to play frisbee at Chiles. And I was given tickets to the FSU game! I went to dinner that night with my parents at a southern chicken pilau (pronounced per-low), and then went to Bible study. Which was so amazing. We dug in deep and talked about a lot, and all came away with a better understanding of scripture. Oh, and also on this day, my friend Robert camped out for the opening of a brand new Chick-fil-A, and was 15th in line, so he get's a free meal a week for the next year! Awesome!

Friday was rough going back to work, but I made it, and then Friday night was awesome. We had a bonfire for some of our youth at Jacob and Robert's house, with the Fantastic 4 (Robert, Me, Taylor & Sara) acting as adult supervision. We played man-hunt, played around with some archery, and enjoyed the cozy warm fire. After the youth left, the big-kids hung out for a while, and I met some new friends of Robert's that came. We had a lot of fun, and I really like these people a lot.
Saturday morning, Robert, Sara Anders, Duncan, Justin and I went to the cross-country regional meet to watch Sara Lane and Will Speirs race, and they both did so awesome, and now they're on their way to state! Nap time followed this, and was much needed.
Then it was game time! Robert picked me up, we made a stop along the way, and headed to the stadium to meet friends for hang-out time before kickoff. We had great seats (Thank you Chandler!), and had a great time. And the weather was awesome. AND WE WON!! Thank you Dustin Hopkins, you were amazing. It was a real exciting ending. After the game, we got stuck in serious traffic, and couldn't find anywhere to go. Checked a few restaraunt's, and finally landed at 4th Quarter. We shared some delicious food and drinks, and chatted a lot. Played Question & Answer time for forever, and then finally decided to call it a night.
This morning was church, and I love my church. I got to see friends, and youth, and family, and old friends, and I love it. (And I'm repetitive...). Now, I just got back from playing ultimate frisbee like we play every week, and it was of course followed by Fuzions.

Long post, but a great weekend. I love my friends and my life, and this wonderful time of the year. Fall is my favorite.

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Kaley Grant said...

I'm glad you are having so much fun in Tally. Can't wait to see youuuuuuuuuuuuu. :)